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How do I find the perfect pair of earrings?

How do I find the perfect pair of earrings?

Does your favourite style of earring best suit your face shape? You might be surprised to learn that there's more than one type of earring that suits you! That's why in this article we'll take a look at the earrings that are best suited to different face shapes. If you don't know what shape your face is, just type "face shapes" into a search engine and the descriptions, pictures and images will help you identify your face shape. 

For an eye-catching round face

Your round face has soft angles and a wide jawline. So choose earrings with a design that contrasts with your beautiful bone structure! Look for long, narrow drop and dangle earrings. Such earrings optically elongate the shape of the face. Avoid hoops and other mainly round designs, such as round tacks.

For a nice square face

If you have an extremely clear face shape, with more pronounced angles and a similar width at the cheekbones and jawline, you should choose medium or long earrings in round or angular shapes, which will contrast beautifully with the square shape of the face, softening the harsh lines and angles. You can also opt for markets and pointed geometric patterns other than squares.

For a soft heart-shaped face

If you have a lively and cute face shape, with a wide forehead and a pointed chin, earrings that complement your triangular face will make you shine. Choose earrings that are wide in the middle or towards the bottom rather than at the top, such as curved or triangular drops, or that end in a larger detail, a pendant, a ball or similar. Earrings with pearls or diamonds are also an option.

For an attractive long face

Your face shape is unique and attractive - long and narrow! Draw attention by wearing earrings with wide and chunky shapes to accentuate the uniqueness of your face. Avoid completely flat and thin long earrings as they will visually lengthen your face. So if you're going for dangling earrings, go for large, multi-layered earrings - candlestick-shaped earrings are perfect, as are short, chunky drops and glittering studs.

For an eye-catching diamond-shaped face

A good face shines like a diamond when matched with the right earrings! A diamond-shaped face tapers at the forehead and chin, with a broader cheekbone in the middle and a pointed chin. Earrings can therefore help to balance these sharper angles of the face shape. Delicate drops and diamond earrings with more width than length, as well as chandelier earrings that are wide at the base are real treasures.

For the perfect oval face

This face shape is usually wider at the cheeks, narrowing slightly at the forehead and chin. All earrings are suitable for this type of face. From tiny rings to huge ones. However, you should avoid earrings that are too long and too thin, which will stretch your face even more.

Also remember that when choosing your earrings, you should definitely pay attention to your outfit. If you are wearing clothes with bright patterns and decorations, it is recommended that you avoid wearing large, eye-catching earrings. Simple studs or small drop-shaped earrings, small sets are best. However, extravagant, massive earrings are also suitable for a monochrome dress or a silk blouse with a classic cut and are sure to attract attention.

Our e-shop has a really large selection of earrings in a wide variety of designs, and if you have any questions, you can always contact us by email or phone and we'll help you make your choice.